Boards By The Numbers is an interactive computer program designed to help podiatrists obtain board certification with the ABPS.  It was specifically designed for the forefoot certification exam/re certification exam. It is not designed for rear foot certification and contains no rear foot oral questions.  The written notes do contain rear foot topics and we have had many clients purchase it for the rear foot qualification exam. Board Review all in one program.

As of 2007 the CD version has been discontinued.  Boards by the Numbers is a (1 year) Subscription Software. As of 2014, the program is now only available as an on-line (Cloud) software. The program consists of four sections as follows:

1. Read Me
This is a suggested approach to preparing for the boards. It consists of some basic guides and a time frame.

2. Study Notes

  • Written Material: This is a complete set of notes. The candidate can view the material from the beginning to the end and has the capability of placing book markers. This allows for continued study the next day. The candidate can also use the index to quickly locate information on specific topics.
  • Oral Material: The software includes a separate set of notes specifically written for the oral exam process. There is a discussion and suggested approach to the new CBPS (Computer Based Patient Simulation) software with a walk through video. It also contains a short and long version of a H&P needed for the face to face oral exams.

3. Exam Center

  • Written Exams:
    This section consists of written examinations. There is a general pool of 780 questions currently. The user has the option to take pre-made test by certifiable, category test and now has the ability to "Create their own" test. Questions are added, edited and deleted in real time, so the Exam section is dynamic.

    Study mode gives you the option to view the answer, if you wish. You may also immediately view the notes pertaining to the question on the screen.

    Test mode  This mode will generate a true test, where answers are unavailable. The test is timed, and consists of 125 questions, just like the real thing. In this mode, the computer grades the exam and displays your score. The display gives a percent score for each category. You may then review the questions. The review will display the question, your answer, and the correct answer. You have the ability to go directly to the written notes to review the information pertaining to the question. This allows for rapid correction as well as immediate reinforcement of the study material.

    Pre-Made Tests:
    You may select one of 4 pre-made tests (125 questions each) which will consist of mixed questions from all categories.

    Individual Category Test:
    or build an individual category test made up of only questions from a specific category. This is quite useful for concentrated study in weak areas. You may also create your own test.

    Build Your Own Tests:
    You now have the ability to create your own tests. You can select the categories, the number of questions, the mode and even the time for each test.

  • Note: If a test question is associated with a case presentation and/or picture, the Case and/or Picture button will be present. These test aids are being used extensively now on the written exams. Also, because you have multiple methods of taking test and they are all generated from a general pool of questions, you will see repeated questions after using the system for a while.

  • Oral Exams:
    This section contains sample oral questions. You are presented with a question sheet and an examiner's information sheet. The examiner's information sheet contains the important points that an examiner will be looking for and the points to pass list. There are eighteen cases that cover past areas of interest by the board.
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