• What certifications was the program designed for?
    Boards by the Numbers was specifically designed for the forefoot qualification, certification and re certification exams.  The written notes do contain rearfoot topics which are "fair game" on the forefoot exams.  We have had many clients purchase it for the rearfoot qualification exam that were pleased with the product.  However, it was not designed for rearfoot specifically.   It contains no rearfoot oral questions and is therefore not recommended for rearfoot certification.

  • Do you have a MAC version? 
    The New Cloud version of Boards by the Numbers runs on any computer, including Macs and on many mobile devices. The new product is more dependent on browsers then on the operating system. Please view our System Requirements for more information.

  • Can I install and use the program on my office computer and my home computer?
    Once you have registered the program, you may log into the system from any computer or device, anytime and anywhere. However, you may only be logged in on one computer or device at a time.

  • Can I print the notes and questions?
    Boards By The Numbers is a computer-based training aid which contains copyrighted material. The notes and oral questions can be printed for your own use. Distribution in any form to anyone else is prohibited by law. The written questions cannot be printed. 

  • Does the program function after the certification exam (June 26th of each year)?
    Boards by the Numbers is sold as a subscription for 1 year.  Your login will stay active for 365 days (1 year) from the date you register.  After that you will need to purchase another subscription.
For more information e-mail sales@certifiable.com or call 513-347-0004