Installing Boards on a Network Computer

Problem: Users canot access the program on a computer at a hospital or Office computer after the IT person installed it.

When installing Boards by the Numbers on a computer that is part of a company or hospital network, the IT department usually does the install for the doctor or residency department. Many doctors may have a computer or IT person that has set up their network and monitors the doctor's computer or laptop. If this is the case, please have the IT person read the following;

1. Please install the software while logged in as the user ID that will be using the program (the doctor or resident login). Do not install under your ID (usually an administrator). We have had this happen and when the Doctor or residents attempt to log in (under their ID and password), the program is not available or cannot be used because the installation took place under your ID (administrator). You will need to call support if this is the case to obtain a 2nd activation on your serial number.

2. Boards by the Numbers requires an activation upon the first use. It will need to access our servers to confirm a valid serial number and then our servers will transmit back a validation code that will unlock the program for 365 days on that computer. You (the IT person), will need to bring down your firewall or allow this action for this one time activation. After a successful download, install and activation, the program will not require Internet access, so you may then bring up the firewall.

If you have any question please contact us at (513) 347-0004. Please leave a contact number and time to reach you if you receive an answering macine message.

For more information e-mail or call 513-347-0004