Problem 1

I do not know how to access the program. I have successfully registered, but how do I get to the log-in page?


The original email that you received contains the link to access the program. If you do not have the original email, just type in the following URL into the address field of what ever browser you are using:

Click here to access the log-in page now.  Note we recommend that you Book Mark this page, so you can access it easily in the future.

Problem 2

I forgot my password and cannot log in.


Click on the Forgot Password link in the lower right hand corner of the log-in page and rest your password.

Problem 3  Authy (Two-Factor Authentication) Problems: 

I Have a new phone and need to switch my Authy authorization to the new phone.


    1. Go to the Authy Change Phone page.  

      Note: For security changing your phone number takes up to 48 hours. Please read everything on this page before you proceed.  Click here to change your Phone.
    2. To Reset your phone
      Note:  Resetting your account will reset all settings to the default settings and might help if you aren't getting SMS sent to your phone. Resetting many times is unnecessary.
      If you are not receiving SMS messages after you reset, verify that you are not using a VOIP number or a land-line. If you can, try to install the dedicated app. Click Here to Reset your phone.


For more information e-mail or call 513-347-0004