Clinical & Anatomic Approach to MR of the Foot: 
MR images correlated with full color artwork – adapted for this easy-to-use format. Each CD contains a slide topic list, allowing you to go directly to the subject reference. At any time you can pause, stop and restart at your convenience. And, our CD loads automatically on your computer but is fully self-contained and does not monopolize your valuable disc space! Sorry, PC-compatible only at this time. Our foot and ankle series begins with this Anatomy title.  You’ll find locations and interactions of the many and complex structures of these extremities, both osseous and soft tissue, as only Dr Pomeranz can describe. His emphasis on clinical applications is valuable to both the diagnostician and the imager, and his experience with the foot on MRI is extensive and will help you provide the best possible patient care.

MR Diagnosis & Clinical Management of Tendinous and Ligamentous Foot Injuries:
Dr Pomeranz sheds light on many of the wide range of foot injuries and pathologies in this two-CD set.

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