We have two other CD's available which we feel are excellent for board review in the area of MRI.  Diagnostic MRI is utilized extensively in podiatry today.  A well rounded, complete knowledge of the modality is necessary for board certification as well as clinical practice.  In order to evaluate your competent's in this area, the ABPS written and oral exams have traditionally had many questions on the topic.  These Cd's were a result of a collaborative project with Certifiable Inc. and MRI Education Foundation.  They are actually Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz (a world renown radiologist) lectures on the Foot and Ankle.  The lectures contain technical information and techniques for radiologists.  However, his emphasis on clinical applications is extremely valuable to the podiatric diagnostician as well. MRI images correlated with full color artwork make these CD's an excellent tool for your review process.  When the project was completed we decided to make them available to podiatrist as well through Certifiable Inc.
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